Domain Registration and “How much is my Domain Name worth?”

The value of a domain registration could be based on many criteria to value it and it could be change from time to time. We would like to point out 4 main  criteria that we think that they are the key value to valuate the domain.

Characters – The shorter the better!
There is no doubt about it. Short names are better than long names. They are generally easier to remember,spell, and are more impactful.

Ultimately, the value of a Domain Name is driven by its ability to deliver traffic and revenue to a business (good keyword domain). This determines how much a company would pay for a Domain Name. The size of the business opportunity most apparent for the name drives the value. For example, is more valuable than Names that are simple, very well-known phrases or words without an obvious business use are also valuable since these can be easily branded. An example of such a name is

Names with potential trademark issues are generally worthless. People who spend good money on names that are the trademark of a company are wasting their time and money because these companies are going after these owners. They must do this under most countries’ trademark rules or they risk losing their trademarks. Think about that before you register in a new registry.

Names that are variants or related to the most used version of the name in commerce are also diminished in value. For example, is more valuable than and is more valuable than

.Com domain
Many people want to live in exclusive Beverly Hills, New York City, Paris, Singapore or Hong Kong. That’s what drives up value. On the Internet, everyone wants to live in the .Com neighborhood. It’s the exclusive top level domain that says “I’ve been in this business a long time, I am a serious player, and I know what I’m doing.” It’s the instant branding that drives up the value, pure and simple, because all the other top-level domains generally work just as well.

Think about it, get a great idea and do it! A cheap domain registration today could make a million tomorrow!

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