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Domain Transfer – Get Authorization Code via Download

Some domain name registries require authorization codes for transfers, but we cannot send them via email. If this rare exception occurs, you can create and download a file that contains the authorization code. See Download Exportable Lists in the Domain Manager for more information.

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
  3. Select your domains. From the More menu, select Export List.
  4. Name your list. Then, for Select list type, select All My Domains.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select your data columns, including Authorization Codes, and then click Next.
  7. Do the following, and then click Finish:
    • Select file type — Select the type of file you want to export: CSV (Comma Separated Values) or XML (Extensible Markup Language).
    • Select Compression — Select GZ to create the file in compressed format. Otherwise, select None.

Next Step

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Make Money With .IO Domain – Cheap .IO Domain Registration

9 reasons Why .IO domain?

  1. Anyone, anywhere can register. .IO domain registration is accepted quickly and efficiently.
  2. Increasingly popular for startups and tech websites.

  3. Create domain hacks such as scenar.IO, carpacc.IO, and pistach.IO.

  4. As an abbreviation for Input/Output In the tech and software development world. .io is a popular domain for startups, engineers, coders and geeks in general.
  5. .io is also a sweet choice for anyone looking for a super short domain registration.
  6. it’s actually a contry-code domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory
  7. Google treats .IO as gccTLD. Google has categorized .IO among its group of gccTLDs, or Generic Country Code Top Level Domains.
  8. Online Services: .IO has also been taken as an abbreviation of “Internet organization”
  9. It’s just starting to become popular, which means it’s pretty likely you’ll get the name you want.

Some .IO domain sales report recently:

  • 18,000 USD on 2016-09-06 via Flippa
  • 10,000 USD on 2016-08-14 via
  • 5,500 USD on 2016-09-06 via Flippa
  • 5,050 on USD 2016-08-31 via Flippa
  • 5,000 USD on 2016-08-21 via
  • 5,000 USD on 2016-08-14 via
  • 5,000 USD on 2016-08-14 via
  • 4,200 USD on 2016-08-21 via
  • 3,200 USD on 2016-08-31 via Sedo
  • 2,950 USD on 2016-08-31 via Flippa

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