Domain Registration – Business Registration FAQ

Domain Registration – How does Business Domain Registration affect Private Domain Registration?

Business Domain Registration works in conjunction with Private Domain Registration (also known as privacy) to keep your personal information private while promoting your business.

Private Domain Registration shields your personal contact information, which is separate from your Business Domain Registration information. Business Domain Registration contains only the information you want to make public, such as business hours, office phone numbers, and fax numbers.

If you want to have both types of domain registration, you must purchase them separately.

Can I have an Online Business Card and website for the same domain name?

No. A domain name can only host one website at a time. An Online Business Card is a mini website. If you activate an Online Business Card, visitors cannot navigate to your domain name’s existing website. For that reason, we recommend that you do not activate an Online Business Card for a domain name that already has an active website.


What is an Online Business Card?

In your domain name’s Business Registration account, you can create a one-page website for your business with our Online Business Card template.

Why isn’t my Online Business Card active yet?

If you created your Online Business Card more than 24 hours ago and it is not yet active, your nameservers might have be incorrect or you might have set your domain name to forward. Verify that your nameservers are pointed to our parking nameservers and that the domain name is not forwarded.

What is the Whois domain database?

The Whois database is an online repository of information associated with registered domain names. It stores and publicly displays domain name information, such creation and expiration dates, the registrar of record, and its various contacts (registrant, billing, administrative, and technical).

When you register a domain name, we collect this information, per the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulations for domain name registrars. The information in the Whois database is available to anyone who does a Whois search for a particular domain name. You must enter valid information in your account. If you do not, you risk losing your domain name registration.

For information on keeping your contact information private

For information about adding a Whois entry for your business

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